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 Eliminating the need for intermediaries (there is a neutral policy that is supported by software and there is no human intervention) Transactions being done without borders and restrictionsEnsure maximum securityPay lower transaction fees Blockchain Cannot be Easily Destroyed. Each participant in the BixBcoin network is called a Node. Nodes are Knots that can connect to the network through their…

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BixB Further Details on Mechanism:

BixBcoin works is that there are thousands of copies of blockchain aroundthe world, and anyone with a copy of the blockchain can perform a complete verified transaction in the chain. In traditional systems, only the central banks can verify a transaction but the blockchain technology allows everyone to have a copy of the blockchain and transactions are automatically verified, So…

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BixBcoin’s Background

BixBcoin is a tradable and extractable coin that has its own designated blockchain network developed about two years ago by a highly professional team. This coin is independent of any government, organization, company, or institution, and the teamis made up of experts from several countries with the aim of creating a more efficient system available for public use. BixBcoin network…

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