 Eliminating the need for intermediaries (there is a neutral policy that is supported by software and there is no human intervention)
 Transactions being done without borders and restrictions
Ensure maximum security
Pay lower transaction fees

Blockchain Cannot be Easily Destroyed.

Each participant in the BixBcoin network is called a Node.

Nodes are Knots that can connect to the network through their devices, help expand the network, and maintain transaction records. Generally, there are two main types of nodes in the BixBcoin blockchain network:

Full Nodes

Contain a copy of the blockchain record that contains all created blocks.

Light Nodes

Each participating user is called a light node.

To keep up with the current state of the network, these users must be connected to a full node to be able to participate. These nodes do not download the entire blockchain to verify transactions, BixB but only download the header blocks to save space on the hard drive for users.
Full nodes support light nodes. Full Nodes download the entire blockchain and measure them according to the fixed network rules.

Although light nodes may verify a defective transaction due to their limited scope, full nodes will not verify them.

the BixBcoins according to the explanations given above, it can be said that a blockchain cannot be destroyed as long as there is at least one online node, so if a catastrophe occurs and most of the blockchain nodes are destroyed, only one healthy node is enough for the network to continue operating without losing its data.

For example, if someone attacks the BixBcoin network, he/she has to completely destroy all the nodes in the world at the same time which is extremely difficult and even impossible.

That’s why the BixBcoin network is incredibly powerful and secure.

Miners (Mining Nodes) transaction

Miner is nodes whose purpose is to prove the completion of the work required to create a new block.

These miners can be full nodes or light nodes. In fact, the miners’ job is to verify the transactions with their devices, and the miner receives a part of the transaction fee as a reward.

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