BixBcoin is a tradable and extractable coin that has its own designated blockchain network developed about two years ago by a highly professional team.

This coin is independent of any government,

organization, company, or institution, and the team
is made up of experts from several countries with the aim of creating a more efficient system available for public use.

BixBcoin network algorithm is based on Scrypt.

bixb bixbcoin
BixB Coins

The Philosophy Behind BixBcoins

BixBcoins was formed based on the market’s need for global exchange without
limitations, borders, or the monitoring and interference of the governments. BixBcoin aims to provide universal lending and multi-level marketing.

Regardless of the complex structure of cryptography used in BixBcoin,

the transparent demonstration of exchanges between sellers and customers in market is the most important factor in the integrity of the BixBcoin’s sales and mining system.

A total of about three million BixBcoins have been extracted by the developers and transaction fees have been seen for the miners.

For this reason, and based on the number of coins,

its high quality and efficiency,

there’s a high possibility of a price jump for BixBcoin.
For example, if only 300.000 users apply to purchase BixBcoin then only 10 BixBcoin will be provided for each user then it will become rarer and valuable like any other valuable coin;

The price will also jump significantly.
The initial sale price of 52 dollars was considered with regard to sales trends in the market,

and the key developers are confident that in a period of less than a year,

with the launch and use of this coin on various stores and multi-level marketing platforms,

The price of the coin will rise further.


Coin sales are adjusted in 10 steps based on market demand so that developers with the revenue generated,

can create parallel markets for coin financial exchanges.
Considering that the number of coins is lower than the ceiling of other coins available in the market,

it can be concluded that by creating direct sales platforms and fully automatic lending, etc.,

this coin can be expected to be recognized as one of the top coins in the world and will soon present itself as a new generation of existing coins that investors and traders will be one of the main consumers of these coins.

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