1-BixB Fiat Money

Fiat is in fact unsupported money printed and distributed by centralized governments and central banks, such as dollars, euros, etc.

Fiat is in fact unsupported money printed and distributed by centralized governments
and central banks, such as dollars, euros, etc. Money

2-BixB Corporate Money

The corporate coin is centralized digital money that is monopolized by certain companies or institutions.

They are produced in accordance with internal policies and have the weaknesses of the state.

3-BixBcoin Peer-Based Money

BixB Is decentralized digital money whose real value cannot be affected by anygovernment or institution;

The BixBCoin following will provide more details about.

What is a Digital Currency?

BixB Perhaps the first question that comes to mind is whether digital currencies are also a kind of fiat currency BixB or not.

You will find the answer in the following. BixBcoin Before we get to digital currencies, you need to know that the emergence and development of digital currencies is part of the 3000-year-old history of coin evolution.

First of all, let’s define digital currency;

Digital currency is a kind of online money that has been created by cryptography in which transactions are made via peer to peer networking BixB without the need for intermediaries BixB Crypto.

Digital currencies are saved and transferred electronically and are based on a binary numeral system. You can make purchases with this digital, place orders online, send the coin to anyone you want anywhere in the world, or consider it as an investment.

In the second step in finding out the value of digital currencies, ask yourself:

How much demand is there for the coin? How useful is cash? The demand is over 150 trillion dollars,

BixB BixBCoins
which is the amount of all money that exists all over the world.

Common currencies such as the dollar, Euro, and other government currencies have many problems, like lack of security,

lack of privacy, the mintage of currency, central control, inflation, excessive printing of dollars (central banks and governments never publish the exact Fiat Money amounts of the coin they print and distribute), manipulation, etc.

On the other hand, digital currencies can solve these problems, so
the demand for digital currencies is also equivalent to $150 trillion.

It seems that along
with the evolution of industries,BixB revolutionary growth is also emerging in many sectors so that they can respond to the growth of Fiat Money in other sectors. coin is no exception to this rule,

and due to human errors and weaknesses in traditional systems, high transaction fees, etc., it can be said that digital currencies are part of BixB the natural evolution of coin, and will be the next generation.

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