BixBcoin is a type of electronic cash in which the services are automatically provided
to the users without the need for any intermediary third parties. The BixBcoin
network wipes out the intermediaries and transactions are performed peer to peer
(P2P). With this e-cash you can make purchases, place online orders, transfer money
or consider it as an investment.

BixB Introduction

Nowadays, in the wake of the rise of development in various fields of life,
humans continually attempted to illuminate their way; in this regard, the need to find
easier, smarter and more functional solutions is the motivator.
In the past, due to the lack of speed in the exchange of information and the lack of but
existing information in the due time, the intermediaries were playing the prominent
role,for example, we had to visit real estate agencies to find a suitable house which
made us to spend a lot of time and money, but now with the invention of the internet
and the search engines, these tasks are much easier and faster to do.
Similarly, this example can be generalized to all aspects of life, so you are just a click away from doing different tasks.

BixB BixBcoin

E-commerce is now almost entirely controlled by financial institutions, which are trusted by the public as a third party.Notwithstanding
that this system works well in the transaction, there is an inherent weakness inside, but
these systems entirely operate on trust. finally
Reversibility of transactions and increased transaction costs due to the
presence of intermediaries
Are the other disadvantages of this system BixB.
As a result, the need for an efficient system based on cryptography is increasingly felt in which the users communicate directly with each other by eliminating the

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